Twinings Don’t Care

I posted the last blog post about Twinings Tea vs Yorkshire Tea as a bit of a joke because I thought it was mildly amusing.. but Twinings haven’t replied to the complaint I sent them through their website a few days ago so I thought I might as well post up the other pictures I sent them too.

Empty Twinings Tea Bags
Poor Quality Twinings Tea Bags
Twinings Tea vs Yorkshire Tea

It’s a bit strange, I don’t understand why someone hasn’t contacted me about it. It’s a valid complaint, in the tea bags I purchased:

  • Some of them were empty
  • Most of them didnt have the right amount of tea in them
  • Most of the bags split when I used them because they hadn’t been manufactured correctly

On their website it says “the bright refreshing blend of fine tea leaves from around the world will put a smile on your face”. I don’t really think so!

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One Response to “Twinings Don’t Care”

  1. Twinings says:

    Dear Edward,

    We are really disappointed to hear that you have had problems with our tea bags and very concerned that you haven’t received our reply to your original email.
    Please be assured that we deal with all queries as a matter of urgency, and respond to everyone as quickly as efficiently as possible, so we are sorry to hear that you haven’t received our usual prompt service.
    Please call us on 0845 601 9612 so we can find out what has gone wrong, and get to the bottom of your query as soon as possible.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Bennett
    Twinings Customer Service Team

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