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Magento: Delete All Sample Data

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

I was looking for a quick way of deleting all of the sample data out of a new Magento install this afternoon and didn’t really find much online. Most of the things I did come across were forum posts where people were moaning about how frustrating it is not being able to work out how to do it. Many of the solutions involved installing additional plugins or going through and manually deleting each individual item. It turns out its actually pretty simple to do..

Delete the Sample or Product Information from Magento

1. In the admin panel you need to select “Catalog” and then “Manage Products” from the drop down menu.

2. Change the view option so that you can see all of the data, then click “select all” to highlight all of the records.

highlight product information to delete

3. Over on the right hand side you will see an actions drop down list. Select “delete” from the options and then hit the submit button. Depending on where your site is hosted, this could take a while or so for all of the products to be removed.

delete product information drop down

That’s pretty much it.. all of your sample data or products will now have been removed.

Review: Apple Airport Extreme

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

apple airport extreme

As a reward for getting my new re-vamped Rectangle site online, for the freelance SEO Nottingham and online marketing services I offer, I decided to treat myself to a Airport Extreme router. I have been thinking about buying one for a while, and I have been getting really frustrated with slow wifi for the past few months.

My computer where I sit and do most of my work is quite a way from the router, so the range that the router offers was the main reason behind the purchase. I suppose it will be hard to judge how that goes until I have used it for a few weeks and up/downloaded some beefy files.. first impressions seem good though. The router allows you to use 802.11n wireless which is faster than most other routers which use 802.11g.

The installation and set up was fairly straight forward. I was surprised that I had to install the Airport Utility software which came on a cd, I thought that this would have been built into the OS and could have just been plugged straight in. Despite that though, it took about 2 minutes to run through and set up a new network and configure all of the passwords etc. During this process you can also set up a visitors network too, which allows you to give access to other users but restrict access to say shared drives or printers which may be available on your main network.

I’m going to plug in my printer in a mo, so fingers crossed that should just plug straight in and work. This was working on my old router so I’m not expecting any problems.

green light apple airport extreme

Overall I think it’s a good purchase. It was easy to set up, I’m getting good signal so far, and it looks quite cool too. One thing that is amazing is the lack of flashing lights.. nearly all routers I have used have lights that are constantly flickering when data is being transferred, if this is in your line of vision its normally really distracting.


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