Edward Lewis Google Chrome Advert

One of my friends told me about the Edward Lewis Google Ad a few days ago. After looking at the stats for my website, it seems like a lot of people are searching for it!

Dear Hollie, from Edward Lewis:

Funny that there is another version that uses someone with a different name too..

Dear Sophie, from Daniel Lee:

Both of them should get a blog, it would be really freaky getting years worth of emails like that from your dad.. wouldn’t it?!

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9 Responses to “Edward Lewis Google Chrome Advert”

  1. Now everyone knows you’re a Father!

  2. Aaliah says:

    I think it would feel special to look back at the funny and not so funny mermories. when i was a child i want to know how i behaved and reacted to things and people, i think its inspiring. but different people have different opinions, i’m just thinking about it as something to laugh at in the future. :)

  3. Zimee says:

    I really liked both videos sooooo much…..
    They were really good. When I was a kid we used to have b’day videos and take pictures but know as technology is getting more advanced this is another to keep track of those precious memories. I am definitely doing this when I have a kid.

  4. Victoria says:

    These videos cheered me up. I think Hollie and her dad have a great life and are generating many happy memories. Thanks Google Chrome for the concept x

  5. Brad Ward says:

    This is fake people…..google chrome and youtube have not been around that long…this is an advert for the products and not real life FFS

  6. Georgina Thomas says:

    i think that the advert was cute and really got people’s attention. i thought that this was a great idea!! im doing this eveyday with my husband, George, should be great and as soon as she turns 10 were doing it every year because it does take alot of time and George is sour as soon as i get the camera out, he ates it, which is a major shame…..:( but overall i love it! 😀

  7. Georgina Thomas says:


  8. Magnus Cowell says:

    This is the most worrying and potentially dangerous use of social networking I have ever seen. Children don’t need a timeline, a digitally stored archive of their every mvement. Your life is how you remember it – which may well conflict with these edited, specifically selected, mawkish and sentimental words and pictures. Let the poor thing have her own organic recollection of her life and don’t shackle her to this monstrous, immoveable, subjective analysis of a time she’s not supposed to be able to recall this clearly.

  9. Fresh Cargo says:

    I though this was really funny

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