All in One SEO Pack – Annoying Dashboard Section

I have just installed the lasted version of the All in One SEO Pack on one of my websites.. I haven’t used this version before and it’s slightly different to the one that I have used in the past.

wordpress dashboard

The new version has added in some extra columns on the post dashboard on the right hand side. This is quite annoying as there isn’t really room for them, it means the post titles get crushed up and spread over quite a few lines – this makes the page about 5 times as long!

So.. does anyone know the best way to fix it, so that they arent shown there?!

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One Response to “All in One SEO Pack – Annoying Dashboard Section”

  1. Asad Haider says:

    I posted a fix for this on my blog after seeing this post, finally gotten rid of the annoying thing and my posts dashboard is back to normal!

    Simple to fix, but requires a file edit. I’ll look into making a plugin to make it easier for some wp users.

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