So is it possible to build a site in a weekend?

The answer to that is definitely yes.. did I manage it with my Turn off your Lights site? Err.. No! It’s not the end of the word, I spent a fair chunk of time working on it and I’m fairly pleased with the progress. I made a cake too!


There is a lot of content ready to go into the site and there has also been a fair bit of customisation on the back end of the CMS. I really like using Silverstripe to build websites, it has been a fairly steep learning curve with some areas but not it is really starting to pay off. I’m using the latest 2.4.5 version too which came out a few days ago, which is, seemingly, exactly the same!

Anyone who wants to send in pictures to be featured on my site now have a pretty snazzy form to fill in. After its been styled should make things fairly straight forward. Most of the success of the site will rely on user generated content, so it will be important to make this process as simple as possible.

So.. I wonder what progress will have been made by next weekend!

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