Is it possible to build a website in a weekend?

I have been working on one my Turn off your Lights website on and off for well over two years! It’s one of those things which always gets put it to the back of my to-do list, as other bits take priority over it. That is until now..

A few weeks ago I saw this, and it kind of inspired me..

I should have a good chunk of time over the weekend so I thought I’d spend it finishing the site,

The first stage.. finish off some small bits of work, which include:

  • A new landing page for a PPC campaign for L3 Living
  • Email a new prespective client about some SEO work
  • Publish some new episodes for the audiophile podcast
  • Update the audiophile page on the Subverb website
  • Empty the washing machine… bore!

After this I will instal Silverstripe and then get on with it! I think the biggest thing will be writing the content, so I think I will do this before doing the html and CSS for the pages. The site wont do anything particularly fancy to begin with, so that part should be pretty straight forward.. thats the plan anyway.

I wonder how its all going to pan out…

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